What's Your Why?

Own your dash....what that means is take control of your life and begin living not just existing.  What will be the sum total of your life?  The only way to answer that is to really get out there and live.  The only way to really live is to own every day!  Own the Dash is a way of life where people of every shape, size, color, ethnicity and faith make a choice to realize the fullness of their potential; living each day with complete appreciation.  Every moment of our life is an opportunity to fill our dash, that space between our birth and the moment when we pass.  The best way to do that is to attack life with an insane passion and joy for living.  Sounds easy enough....truth is its tough.  Life offers us plenty of challenges that disrupt and creates obstacles that take our attention away from the dash.  You are not alone, we all experience these obstacles.  But that’s the beauty of owning your dash; we are the sum total of the good and bad.  So why not use these obstacles as motivation and fuel to really live?  Owning the dash is about perspective, attitude and action.  Perspective is all the stuff that happens every day, molding and shaping how we think.  These experiences are filled with people, places and things all wrapped up in what forms our attitude.  Attitude is a choice and so is what we do with it; this becomes the action.  Action is the energy we commit to fulfilling our purpose and ultimately our dash.  No one would disagree that we all want to live meaningful lives. So how do we own it? 

For many of us, owning the dash comes down to asking ourselves one simple question.  What is my why?  This question isn’t something new, it’s as old as time.  The amazing thing about it though, when you really take the time to ask yourself what is my why, the world becomes clearer, obstacles don’t seem insurmountable and your dash becomes full of life.  The why is where you find your joy!  Knowing your why brings purpose to everything you do!  The beautiful thing about discovering your why is that it evolves as you fill your dash.  People discover their why in many ways, for some it’s through serving others in their work, it’s their relationship with church or their community; the why is the passion that fuels us for these things.  Many folks have a significant life experience that impacts them and creates perspective for their why.  Often the why comes down to surrounding ourselves with positive people, removing ourselves from the negative spaces in life.  Most often people reply that the why emanates from our families especially when we have children....they give us purpose.  Purpose, perspective, passion, positivity, all these “P’s” coming from being able to answer our why....so I’ll ask you again, what’s your why?  Own it!

  • Aug 24, 2017
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