It All Counts

Every where we turn today there is a quick fix to our problems.  It seems that many of these fixes are just recycled versions of previous gimmicks. They all offer a quick solution and easy way to reach a goal.  I don’t deny that many of these have some merit or benefit, but easy results?  Is there really such a thing as an easy result to the long-term gains we dream of or to the genuine goals and objective we have in our mind?  History has proven that time and commitment to an objective produces meaningful results.  The truth is nothing beats hard work and commitment.  There is an expression often used in sports that states; hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  The quick fix doesn’t offer anything substantial.  Go back and watch the information commercials again; the people in them had to sweat, they had to compromise, had to adapt, diet and work hard, they had to do more than the short advertisement really reveals in order to achieve the desired outcome.  Our problem is we think we don’t have time, that’s why we are attracted to the quick fix.  The real problem is that we don’t make time and the outcome isn’t a priority.  How can we give the least amount of effort with the greatest result?  Wrong question, the more accurate can I give the greatest effort with the most favorable result?  If we are willing to make a commitment and put in the work then it all counts towards our goal.  It all counts!

            It all counts, what does that mean?  Big efforts, small efforts....they all count just as long as you are consistently making them.  Do quick fixes produce results? Yes, sure they do.  Are they sustainable? No, most often they are not because there is no action plan beyond the fix.  Consistency and adaptability are essential ingredients to any objective.  If we put in the time and consistently follow our plan then no matter how big or small your effort it will have a long term result, they all count.  It is also true that if we want more, we have to give more; make a stronger commitment, work harder and put more time in, the results will follow.  You get out what you put in, but it all counts.  Saying it all counts is for those of us who make adjustments because of life.  Life never give us a short cut or a quick fix, those are choices; choices that lead to cheating ourselves of a fuller experience and result.  Life presents us with the full menu options; we make the choice on what to order.  When life alters our plans but we still commit to making some kind of effort, for example adjusting to an alternative activity, then it still counts.  If you are committed to your objective and always willing to make a contribution to that end, then it all counts.  It doesn’t count when we regularly cheat ourselves of time and think that repeated quick fixes are the answer.  The answers to the outcome we seek are consistency, hard work, time, effort, and adaptability. Our time is now, make it count. Own it!
  • Sep 13, 2017
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